Our products are adapted to the residents, and refined with the wishes of the owners.

There is nothing to offer the occupant a wrong environment.

Bearded dragons like to lie under the sun on a stone that offers a good overview. Therefore, we build a second level that is used to stay close to the heat lamp during the day. The lower level offers enough space for water bowl, salad bowl and sleeping place.

Spiders if you do not want to see what's new in the area, you're in the mood to linger in a shelter or to rest. Therefore, we have designed a cave that you can see from the back to make sure where she is and how she is.

Leopard Gecko are active at night, like to lie in a narrow cave during the day and sleep, in the evening and at night they are looking for food and like to walk around. This terrarium is very similar to the bearded dragon terrarium, the difference is because the caves were used as a shelter. In addition, the caves are easy to reach so you can clean them without much effort.

Rotkehl Anolis are perfect climbers and like to hide in plants. Care has been taken in this terrarium that they have enough climbing opportunities and space for plants in which they can hide.

Poison Dart Frog - Tropenterrarium are wetland terrariums. In a tropical terrarium, all built-in facilities include water-resistant treatment. In this poison dart frog Terrarium, a hell, lying areas and space for a hanging plant was installed.

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