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Spider Terrarium

The Spider Terrarium was planned in such a way that the inhabitant has a natural Environment with a shelter as a cave, in wich she can pull back undisturbed. 

On the back of the Terrarium, a glimpse of cave was granted, so you can always make sure where the Spider is and how she is. The stone look has been made with high quality materials that are harmless to animmals.

In this case, the Terrarium was equipped with unfertilized soil, natural humus and plants.

Bearded Dragons Terrarium

In the Bearded Dragon Terrarium, a second Level with a staircase has been designed. 

The lower level is used for the water and salad bowl, the upper level as heat and sunbed. The bearded dragons are real sunbathers so they like to lie all day under the heat source on the upper Level, in the night they dig like a small hole in the sand to put in it for they like to look down a place.

The bearded Terrarium is designed with sand possibly mussel or calcium sand unmixed.

Leoparden Gecko Terrarium

The Leopard Gecko Terrarium also has a second level installed.

When the Terrarium was taken to ensure that the leopard gecko cave have to rock, the closer the better they fill. Again, the Terrarium is laid out with sand care should be taken in the cave is enough, since they are nocturnal they will sleep in the cave all day long.

With the device sand and a water bowl is sufficient.

Red-throated Anolis Terrarium 

Red-throated Anolis are perfect climbers so no plane was created here, they climb on glass and stone without effort. Here only narrow beds for more plants have been built, the plants are happy to use them to hide and sleep in the night.

The facility used unfertilised earth and natural humus, slopes and ground plants, and a bowl of water.

Dart poison frog Terrarium

For poison dart frogs a Tropical Terrarium is needed.

In this Terrarium climbing possibilities, lying areas hiding places were in the plants and under the hanging plant still a cave installed, a larger water bowl for swimming should not be missing.

In this Terrarium a drainage gravel with a fleece and unfertilized earth was used.

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